Into the Month of June

Today is the first day of the last month of the first half of the year. We all made goals and perhaps some resolutions. Whatever it was, we have expectations and dreams of where we want to be at the end of the year. As we about to be done with the first half of […]readmore

Music of the Day- Dem go Dey Denge (Remix) by

Budweiser Smooth Kings has once again blessed our ears with another marvellous combo. This time, it was a remix of Baba Frayo’s Dem Go Dey Denge. The artists featured were certainly not a match we ever expected but one that harmonised perfectly well. Teni and Johnny Drille both said they enjoyed doing the song together […]readmore

The Safety in Staying Indoors Today

The news of the enforced sit-at-home has been spreading since last week as set to occur from Saturday through Monday. However, it became imminent after Saturday and Sunday passed uneventfully with people being able to leave their homes that this was set to occur only on Monday. There are rumours of students being taken from […]readmore

From Entertainment to Politics- Desmond Elliot

Of the many Nigerian entertainers who have gotten into politics, Desmond Elliot seems to be the most popular. This owes to his reaction to the youths during the End SARS protest that occurred last October. Since then, the sentiments of a large mass of Nigeria has turned against him and he is now known as […]readmore

Motion Sickness and How to Avoid it

Motion sickness is always triggered by movement. You could be travelling, or simply be on an amusement ride or even a virtual reality experience. If you often experience this, you should know that it is inconvenient, however, not life-threatening. You might have had it while reading in motion or when you are not getting enough […]readmore

The Perfect Monday Tips

The weekend is over and we are on to another week. Maybe you have goals to achieve, deadlines to meet and are not as excited to get into the new week. How about learning a few tips to lifting your spirits and getting your week running just fine. Get started in the day with your […]readmore

How to Peel Garlic in 2 Minutes

Garlic is often called foul-smelling by most people because of its strong and pungent taste. This amongst many other reasons is why most people are less intrigued about peeling garlic as the hand always retains this odd smell for a while. Many tricks to peeling garlic circulate the internet, however, a sure trick to evading […]readmore

Dealing with Anxiety Attacks

Some people often experience anxiety attacks and still have no tips to get over it except to just wait for it to pass. It is not a comfortable experience in any way as it causes heart palpitations, chest pain and even lightheadedness. If you deal with anxiety attacks often enough, here are some ways to […]readmore

Spiff Leaves the Johnsons

We are back today with news of another fan favourite from the Johnsons, Samuel Ajibola- Spiff as we know him. Samuel has been in the Nigerian film industry since he was a child and is good at what he does. He had made his quitting announcement on Twitter where he wrote “It’s difficult to let […]readmore