Dark Shades- The Ultimate Market Rush-hour Saviour

 Dark Shades- The Ultimate Market Rush-hour Saviour

Shot of an attractive female holding sunscreen

As a Nigerian who frequents the market, I’m sure you can relate to being dragged around by traders who want to sell their market. This almost always starts simply by virtue of your eyes straying to the goods displayed on their shops and quite often, this can make you impulse purchase goods and you end up coming home with way less cash than you had budgeted to spend or even end up not having purchased other high priority items you had planned on buying.

Recently though, I stumbled on a solution to this mess. It was harmattan and lots of sand and fine particles were being thrown around by the harmattan wind, making their way to my face. My eyes always got irritated and ache for hours after I was off the road. This made me purchase a pair of shades (sunglasses) as I wanted to look chic while solving my problem. Somehow, I ended up wearing them to the market one day and had the most seamless shopping ever. This happened over again and I realized why. Them traders couldn’t see my eyes so they could never tell if I was looking at their stores and could only call out but none ever came to me to hold on to me.

Since then, shades have become a necessary shopping accessory for me.

Do you have any shopping tricks up your sleeves? Do share in the comment section so we can write on it.

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