One Way to Spot a Phishing Link

 One Way to Spot a Phishing Link

Phishing is a commonly underemphasized internet vice in our tech sphere. Often times, we get emails we never subscribed to and click on links we did not get from a trusted source. These emails often contain links leading to malicious websites and when clicked, we often end up giving off personal details in them which can be used to defraud us or gain access to accounts we hold on different platforms.

One common way this is done is through Social Engineering. With this method, they psychologically manipulate people into opening attachments, clicking links, or divulging personal information. Of course it is almost too easy to get Nigerians through this simply by dropping texts about getting free airtime or making money through clicking the link. Sometimes, even people who are aware of this fall for these as they even make it seem like it is coming from a well known company. Take for example, they drop As humans, we can tend to correct typos in our head when reading and would think the link is a Google link whereas it is not. One clicks on this and images that look very much like google images come up and we see ourselves dropping our personal details.

We should all get a lot more careful when opening links and dropping personal details on the internet. Have you ever been phished? Feel free to share your experience with us.

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