Mom Jeans- The not so Mommy Look for 2021

 Mom Jeans- The not so Mommy Look for 2021

I’ve always had an irreplaceable love for retro outfits and my wardrobe is full of them. Recently, I started to rock mom jeans in a certain type of way, unconventional and vibrant as  I always love to be.

Pulling this off only took me finding stickers and sewing them on to my mom jeans, my go-to crocs slippers, an off-shoulder, bandana and of course, the shades. As someone who always dresses vibelessly, I always put more intentionality to my dressing when I’m trying to pull of a style in my head and when I get that, it puts me onto some level of confidence that stays with me through the day till I take it off.

If you are someone who loves retro outfits as I do, how about you try shaking things up and rocking it in a not so mommy way? And if you have pretty ways you rock yours, be sure to share them in the comments section.

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